White Ocean Vessel Going Aerial Parachute Distress Mag Flair

White Ocean Vessel Going Aerial Parachute Distress Mag Flair
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Product Description

Cut through the night with the aerial white illuminating ocean going flare.

Specifically designed for use in extreme crisis situations involving poor visibility, darkness and for life and death, last chance, search and rescue operations when for a short time you need to own the night at all cost.

These white parachute flares have a brightness of over 75,000 candle power and a burn time of 30 seconds, and max height of 900 feet.

These flares are twice the power of the old military sky lighters.

User assumes all responsibility of the use of this item and agrees to hold us harmless for the use or misuse of this item as all pyrotechnics should be used with prior training only.

Price is for one high intensity white aerial flare.

SOLAS ( Safety Of Life At Sea ) is a standard for pyrotechnic signaling devices a standard that must be met by all commercial vessels. This flair meets a visibility standard far higher than USCG-approved. Put bluntly, you better have nothing else on board. For reliability, brightness, altitude, and burn time, they are far superior than any cheap Non-SOLAS flare.

When your life is on the line, what would you choose?