Realistic Skeleton Skull Halloween Prop Decoration

Realistic Skeleton Skull Halloween Prop Decoration
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Product Description

One of the greatest additions to any grim setting is the hard foam human skeleton skull, nothing says dead like our realistic hard foam skulls.

They can be used as a simple Halloween decoration place setting on a table or used as a Halloween prop to make that graveyard or cemetery really pop. Best of all they can be easily cut up for customizing a display or haunt project that your building, the uses are endless!

But our all time favorite is using it as a year round Gothic decoration.

Each skull is extremely realistic and one of the best life like human skulls we have seen. The only thing better would be a medical grade skull and we all know how expensive they can get and how heavy they are not to mention with our Halloween skulls they are perfect for various projects that require a skull form that can be trimmed or cut up which makes them perfect for pro haunts theme parks and haunted attractions that are on a tight budget.

Most websites have discontinued this item, with that being said '' better get them while you can ''.