Halloween Glow Suit Ghost Blacklight Jumpsuit Costume Hooded

Halloween Glow Suit Ghost Blacklight Jumpsuit Costume Hooded
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Product Description

After many request for us to design a complete full body halloween glowing costume that would glow under a blacklight for our pro haunts, parties, theaters, security and theme parks this was our answer.

Our blacklight reactive jumpsuit costumes are perfect for keeping track of personnel in black light situations or if you just want to be black light reactive from head to toe in your haunted house these suits are awesome.

They’re great for when the need arises to tell your employees apart from the crowd and these are sure to be a hit at underground raves and parties alike.

Costume will accommodate a person that is up to 6.5 feet tall and can house a shoulder span of up to 34 inches comfortably, if need be the legs and arms can be trimmed to fit so it's a one size fits most.

Suit is made of extremely light weight material for comfort and it’s extremely breathable so you won’t sweat your tail off in hot situations.

No facial or hand cover is supplied with this costume.

It is recommended you wear either all black or all white under the costume for the maximum explosive color effect.