Halloween Hanging Ghost Decoration Prop Green Pirate Skeleton

Halloween Hanging Ghost Decoration Prop Green Pirate Skeleton
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Product Description

Looking for the perfect Halloween ghost decoration hanging prop for your Halloween party that has a pirate theme? Look no further, this poor soul has already walked the plank on the flying dutchman.

Our hanging pirate ghosts are the prefect outdoor or indoor spooky Halloween decoration and are right at home in a pirate theme party.

Each ghost measures six feet long from top to bottom and has a solid black metal hook extending from the head to hang almost any where and best of all each ghost has an adjustable arm span of up to four feet wide, thatís right you can pose your ghost!

Keep in mind there are many variations or options available for any ghost, hooded, haired, various hats Etc...

Remember, if you don't see the ghost you want or if you need a custom prop call the shop number at 502-836-3125 and we can make your custom blacklight ghost or prop for you.

Black light not included.

We recommend a fluorescent 24 inch long, 20 watt UV Black Light as the proper lighting source which can be purchased in our lighting section.