Halloween Hanging Blacklight Ghost Prop Special Plasma Decoration Version

Halloween Hanging Blacklight Ghost Prop Special Plasma Decoration Version
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Product Description

This is our special plasma version ghost. The ghost plugs into any 110v outlet causing the head to illuminate and come to life with a fierce electric storm lightning head. This was the second ghost to be made in the history time line of the Kentucky special fx.

To-date this ghost has been the most sought after and prized possession of all of our fans, partly because it was designed and thought up by the founder, this is the one that leaves a mark on your guest they'll never forget, it's nice to see people gaze at this ghost prop for hours like they're mesmerized!

Are you looking for that perfect Halloween night theme ghost decoration to hang in the window or tree, how about something to catch the eye’s of traffic from a great distance and draw attention to your other haunted house Halloween decorations?

This ghost is the prefect spooky Halloween decoration and is right at home staring out of your window freaking people out.

They also serve as a superior focal point in theatrical, Halloween, haunted attraction settings due to the fact that our ghost are so bright because we make our own dye’s and paints in house.

Each ghost measures six feet long from top to bottom and has a solid black metal hook extending from the head to hang almost any where and best of all each ghost has an adjustable arm span of up to four feet wide, that’s right you can pose your ghost!

Plus! There are lot’s of tricks you can do with our ghost and with each purchase we give you a tip sheet with some professional display idea’s to really get the crowds.

All of our professional Halloween blacklight ghost prop’s are weather resistant except this one because it contains electronics and are treated with an NFPA approved fire retardant for professional haunted attractions and have the ability to be used on most FCG ( flying crank ghost ) rigs with minimal reconfiguring.

Keep in mind there are many variations or options available for any ghost, hooded, haired, various hats Etc...

Remember, if you don't see the ghost you want or if you need a custom prop call the shop number at 502-836-3125 and we can make your custom blacklight ghost or prop for you.

Black light not included.

We recommend a fluorescent 24 inch long, 20 watt UV Black Light as the proper lighting source which can be purchased in our lighting section.

Picture above is a secondary head shot of the Halloween Black Light Ghost Prop decoration hanging near a blacklight while plugged in and the head illuminated.