Item# state-of-the-art-liquid-latex-fire-barrier-coating-single-component
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Product Description

This latex fire barrier coating gets used in areas where you expect there to be a high risk of ignition and serves the special effects industry and haunted attraction industry as the flag ship of all fire proof coatings to exist today. You can use it on Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), framing lumber, plywood, trusses, drywall, doors, and more. May also be used on aluminum and various kinds of structural steel, including beams, decking, sheets, round and box columns.

Here's why you want our fire barrier verses our competitors, it's extremely easy to apply with it being a one part no mixing required, it can be painted over, it's non-toxic and water-based, it's colorless and odorless, it's safe for pets and people and best of all it's non-staining latex paint that creates an EXTREME fire, mold and bacteria resistant barrier. To top it off, you can spray it, roll it or brush it on! What sets our fire proof coating apart from the amatures?

Well lets get technical for a second! ASTM-E119/UL-263 2-Hour rating on .250 plate steel. ASTM-E119/UL-263 1.5 Hour rating on W10x49 beams ASTM-E119/UL-263 1.5 Hour rating on HSS 06.00 x .250 columns DIN 4102 Part 8 1.5 hour rating on .250 plate steel. CTL Test for Thermal Protection of .125 Aluminum Sheeting Toxicity Data (Zero toxicity/No HAZMAT) and complies with PDCA P1

Finally a flame barrier that not only deprives fire of its fuel but also minimizes smoke production incase of a conflagiration.

Initally sold by the gallon for 499.99 but we can on occassion sell this item by the quart for $189.99 per quart.

Do yourself and your patrons a favor, stop thinking about it and just order it, piece of mind in safety is priceless in this field.

We trust this product so much that anyplace in our shop where there is to be welding or pyrotechnics testing we coat that area with this paint, furthermore when we go on site to do work at customers location if we weld or test anything fire related we apply this paint when ever possible just so we know were covered 100%.