Special BlackLight Tent Reflective Metallic Inside Black 10' x 15'

Special BlackLight Tent Reflective Metallic Inside Black 10' x 15'
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Product Description

By request of our customers you can now purchase the very tents we use at our conventions for our black light displays. Each tent is based on the easy pop design so it takes minutes not hours to setup and our custom made tents have a few special features that set ours apart from the rest.

Our tents are black on the outside but the inside has an electrostatic coated reflective metallic inner design that bounces UV light around maximizing the use of your blacklights, you only need two, two foot blacklights to make UV reactive items literately explode in this tent.

The front and rear have the door zipper design and the sides have see through windows that can easily be blocked off for nearly 100% blackout by hanging up any black material over them or we can black them out as a option.

Tent material is tough and tear resistant, blocks out sunlight if you have to do a setup out side and you can choose to put up all four walls or which ever ones you want.

Tent has a roof top that can reach up to 12ft tall but the over all height of the tent is adjustable unlike cheaply made popup tents and that comes in handy if the ceiling of the convention your showing at is low.

All tent are specially designed to dissipate heat and allow water runoff in case of rain and each tent is water proof.

Please keep in mind it takes us roughly eight business days to make each one these because the silver metallic lining takes four days to cure.

If you need a custom size made please let us know as we have the following sizes available on the website 10' x 10', 10' x 15', 10' x 20'. Most common convention spots are 10ft by 10ft and that makes this dark tent ideal for doing displays at conventions if you have two spots and want to use half of a spot as a table intro for literature and then haven them go into the tent or if you want to have space at either end and have them enter and exit from each side.

Call us at 502-836-3125 with any questions about our tents. Faux stone wall with video display and the kentuckyspecialfx.com stone display sign are not included. However if you need custom logo design or lettering on the tent let us know and we can do it for you.