Six Shot Revolver Fire Ball Flare Gun Firework Reuseable NON EMERGENCY

Six Shot Revolver Fire Ball Flare Gun Firework Reuseable NON EMERGENCY
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Product Description

Its a 6 Shot reusable revolver flare pistol with 24 colored flares.

This is an actual firework flare pistol that shoots flaming balls that burst.

Easy to reload, made of ABS plastic and can be reused, however due to its cheap design it has a expected life span of under 100 shots, usually the triggers or hammers break around the 80th shot, while we will sell extra ammo, it is recommended that you do NOT buy more than 3 dozen extra rounds without purchasing a second gun.

Fire balls travel about 20 to 30 ft.

This is not a toy and it is not to be used for emergency situations for emergency signaling, it is a theatrics item.

Purchaser assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of this item and understands and agrees that with any pyrotechnic device there is risk. By purchasing this item you agree to not hold the seller liable in any form or fashion for either the use or misuse of the item and agree to hold harmless the seller for any events arising from the use of the prop.

This item is not a toy and should be used for designated theatrics only in well planned situations.

Not to be used for self defense situations under any circumstances.