Realistic Rotting Skeleton Decaying Corpse Halloween Prop Life Size

Realistic Rotting Skeleton Decaying Corpse Halloween Prop Life Size
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Product Description

This guy has been one of our top customer demands for years when it comes to durable Halloween, extremely realistic decaying bodies and halloween corpse prop / dead body decorations, key features are the durable aged appearance with a combination of rotting bits of flesh with a touch of decomposing fabric strands.

Skeleton frame is made of solid, hard dense plastic, yet each limb and joint is able to articulate in a life like manner.

This guy is just dying to be the star of your display!

You can also order this prop with a special supprise, we can add a special weather resistant blacklight coating that will make him and his rotting flesh become a real eye catching focal point to your patrons.

These props are hand made individually with high attention to detail and while slight differences may vary from each prop to prop made, rest assured nothing leaves our shop unless our crafters agree that it looks horrific!

Check out the pics below to see what the blacklight option looks like, the blacklight option really makes the prop explode under a blacklight!

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