Resident Evil T-Virus Anti Virus Vial Case Reproduction Movie Prop Biohazard

Resident Evil T-Virus Anti Virus Vial Case Reproduction Movie Prop Biohazard
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Product Description

Rather than build the case directly from the resident evil movie series we decided to make a case that would be more affordable to the average movie fans budget but still have a serious look to it in regards to being a outstanding presentable prop replica.

The fancy transport case is a inner foam lined case sporting all six of the original T-Virus, Anti Virus, Uroburos ( Las Plagas ), Nemesis Virus, Code Veronica Virus and Wesker Virus Vials!

All six resident evil vial prop replicas ever presented in every game and movie for the resident evil series and to top it off the case is included!

Yes all six Resident Evil virus vial movie and game prop replicas are included.

Outer case measures 18 x 13 x 6 inches and comes complete with two real locking latches with keys.

All vials measure six inches long and a inch and a quarter round.

If you really desire a replica of the exact case in the movie that opens and closes itself and has the knobs that spin by themselves we can make that one too, just give us a call and we can shoot you a price on the options to your liking.

Look below for large detailed pics of the virus vials that will be in the case and be sure to double click on the picture of the case to get a close look of how they appear in the case.

This is truly a prop replica that you can't pass on if your going to be hopping conventions and doing cos play, owning this case is a must.

Kentucky Special FX is in no way affiliated with Resident Evil movies, Sony Entertainment or Capcom Games in any form or fashion nor do we make any claim.