Replacement Fog Machine Pump 110V / 120V Martin Jem Rosco Chavuet Antari Pro Foggers

Replacement Fog Machine Pump 110V / 120V Martin Jem Rosco Chavuet Antari Pro Foggers
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Product Description

120V fog machine replacement pump model A18070.

Most foggers have all sorts of pump model numbers since most of them are made over seas now days so if you have a high end fogger and your pump looks like this then there's an extreme high probability that this one will work for you.

There are only two different color variations, black or red.

There are host of various foggers this pump will work in but we do not keep a list of foggers that our pumps go in simply because the manufactures keep changing pumps all the time to try to get you to throw your unit away and buy a new one.

Keep in mind there are no refunds or exchanges so make sure your trying to save a fogger that's not only worth saving but make sure that your pump is identical to the one in the pic.

If you dont see your pump on our site we can find it for you or a equivalent just call us at 502-836-3125 and if its an emergency and you have a high end fogger you may email us during the late night hours with permission to call you back at a set time but we can call you back late in the night if need be as someone always mans the emergency phone for late night support for theaters and businesses.

Were here to help our customers in any way possible.

All of our pumps we sell as of July 1st 2014 will be made in America or Germany depending on your needs and we will no longer be dealing with China and Japan junk, while the cost will be a few dollars more, this will ensure that we are doing every thing in our power to support our country by buying parts here in the US.

Some of the fog machines manufactures that use this pump are made by Martin Jem Rosco Chavuet and Antari as well.