Realistic Lifesize Rotting Zombie Dead Head Gory Halloween Prop

Realistic Lifesize Rotting Zombie Dead Head Gory Halloween Prop
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Product Description

This has to be one of the most lifelike realistic rotting and decaying zombie head halloween theme props we have ever produced. Perfect for any halloween cemetery or graveyard zombie scene but yet movie grade prop quaility lifesize and realistic.

It looks real, it feels real and it taste real......just kidding thats pretty sick......

This head is truely a work of art and can be viewed from all sides and extremely close up, the teeth look real as can be and the flesh looks.........well.........rottingly tasty! LOL!

Light weight, made of latex and styrofoam and like all of the props from us its built to last for years to come.

The head can be viewed from all angles and even comes with a sturdy hole in the bottom for mounting.

Candles and background not included.

Double click on the picture to enlarge the picture to see just how real it looks closeup.

All of our heads may have slight variations as these are 100% hand made by our professional prop builders but have no fear quaility is never second place with Kentucky Special FX, you expect the best and you get the best with us.