Custom Realistic Spooky Scary Creepy Halloween Bottle Decoration Props

Custom Realistic Spooky Scary Creepy Halloween Bottle Decoration Props
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Product Description

These custom realistic spooky Halloween bottles are the perfect prop to set off your decorations and add some serious flair to your scary Halloween scene.

The custom rope top comes on every bottle purchased and serves as a firm rough grip for that pirate that's had a bit too much rum while stumbling around the pirate ship.

Select from the general list what you want your bottle to say or go for the personalized custom lettering and we will label the bottle what ever you want us to, all you have to do is either call or email us with what you want!

Your neighbors will envy you with such neat looking, life-like spooky bottle props, either that or they will wonder what it is your really into!

Be sure to pick the label wording in the selection bar above and get your scary bottles on they're way to your haunt in time for Halloween!

Bottles come with a cork but are empty due to shipping requirements, we can make 100% custom bottle props of various shapes and design but you'll need to call or email us regarding raw custom prop building so we get the way you want.

Caution: Bottles are made of extremely thick glass but can still break if dropped hard enough.