Magic Flash Cotton Magician Fire Trick

Magic Flash Cotton Magician Fire Trick
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Our flash cotton is sold in ( 5 gram dry weight ) pouches, technically called nitrocellulose, flash cotton is also called magician flash cotton, gun cotton, theatrical flash cotton, regardless of what you call it the product burns quickly and completely with a blinding bright orange flame, with little to no smoke and little to no ash what so ever.

Our video below shows our flash cotton being ignited by a flame.

It's safe to use in handheld ignition devices and gives excellent results in products that shoot flames, like magic flash wands, magic flash guns and magic flint finger tips.

When you buy our flash cotton you'll notice it has the advantage of being ignited by sparks unlike poorly over seas made flash materials, our flash cotton can even be used in theatrical devices that have spark wheels or flint wheels as the igniter knowing its going to fire.

Flash cotton is also excellent as a primer in all devices that use a Glo-Plug's or flash plugs or flash rod's as the igniter and serves as the U.S. standard in theatrical pyrotechnics for a base ignition to ignite other items serving as a premier primer.

Our flash cotton burns up practically instantly, much quicker than most common high end flash papers.

All of our flash cotton and flash paper items are shipped wet with water for safety, they must be dried thoroughly prior to use upon receipt.

When it comes to storage of dry flash products they are highly flammable and should be stored accordingly, we recommend keeping flash cotton and flash papers wet if to be stored for long periods of time.

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