Halloween Prop Motion Controller Sensor Activator 110V Security Sensor

Halloween Prop Motion Controller Sensor Activator 110V Security Sensor
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Product Description

Our automatic self contained Halloween motion sensor box small plug and play motion activated control boxes are perfect for turning on lights, motors or other devices and even big high powered props if need be or an entire scenes when timing is of the essence.

Excellent for controlling all of your animated Halloween props and then turning them off to be ready for the next scare.

This is by far the easiest controller box to use for the home haunter.

Best of all there are no wires to hook up just plug it in and plug your items you wish to control into the box and adjust the shutoff timer and your done.

Our home haunters love these boxes because they can be used year round for security as well to turn on lights or other things when they detect motion.

No programming or crazy mind boggling setup is needed, just plug into the front of the box what ever you want to come on when motion is detected and presto instant control of a prop or setting.

- Prop controller box can be used to control lights and non-light products ( Switch selectable).

- Operates on a standard 110v / 120v outlet or plug and has a maximum load of 500 watts.

- The Halloween controller sensor sensitivity can be set to work 24hrs a day or just at night in the dark.

- Automatically turns off after 2 - 6 minutes if no motion is detected, turn off time is fully adjustable from 2 to 6 minutes.

- Detects motion up to 30 feet with an angle of up to 160 degrees.

- Plug box may not activate 100 percent properly if temperature drops below 32 degrees.

- Box is flat black in color and measures roughly 2 1/4 inches X 3 1/2 inches.

Motion box layout appearance may slightly vary as different styles come and go but the specs are always the same.

Buy a couple of these Halloween motion controller boxes and you can have each of your individual Halloween props come on and turn off at different intervals for maximum scare.

With multiple motion control haunt boxes you have maximum individual control all the while you never have to baby sit a single one of your Halloween props again.