Spider Webcaster Gun Halloween Cobweb Shooter Web Caster Decorating Tool

Spider Webcaster Gun Halloween Cobweb Shooter Web Caster Decorating Tool
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Product Description

Tired of seeing so called Halloween spider web caster shooters / webcasters that actually some what work but are so expensive you would have to sell your first born to get one.


Now you can shoot realistic looking spider webs that not only look real but feel real!

Here's why you'll want to buy our pro web caster verses any competitor on the market!

Our web shooter has an astounding 220 watts of power and the internal heater operates at 419 degrees.

The Halloween webcaster gun sports a comfortable grip handle with a rubberized back.

The cob webber shooters air line is mounted completely out of the way for a no hassle shoot.

Gun uses traditional size 1/2'' hot glue sticks ( be warned all glue sticks are not created equal our sticks are designed to be used with our gun, using other cheap crap sticks can cause horrible results and even clog or mess up our halloween spider web shooter ).

It has an illuminated indicator light on the side always letting you know the gun is plugged up.

Plugs into any standard 110V outlet or extension cord.

Our spider web shooter only uses between 10 and 40 psi for the air supply unlike competitor guns that use over 40 to get results close to ours.

Our modified Halloween cobweb shooter gun is made from Pro UL certified glue guns as are the special heaters we use.

The webbing is water proof and wind resistant.

It only takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to learn how to use our webber like a pro.

Initial heat up time is only 10 minutes.

It can shoot 8LBS of webbing in 1 hour, trust us, that's a crap load of webbing.

Works in temperatures down to 40 degrees.

Has the capability to shoot webbing up to 30+ft away.

Has a standard 3/8 male fitting hookup on the side.

Clean up is a snap, grab the webbing and ball it up and trash it!

The price of our cob web caster is about sixty dollars less than anyone else and our 220 watt guns put the competition to shame!

All webbers are tested before they leave to insure your 100 percent satisfaction on arrival!

If you find a better Halloween Spider Cobweb Casting Gun for a better price WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT!


Here's the best part, if your using our gun and trying to acheive a specific look of webbing you can call the shop at 502-836-3125 from 11am - 1am seven days a week and well help you with tricks and tips to get the results your after. When requesting tech help we will ask for your order number, if you do not have your order number we can not offer technical help.

Front close up picture of a small section in a haunted hallway of cobwebs shot from our cob web shooter gun in under 50 seconds.

Angle picture of the section of a large hallway that was covered in realistic looking spider webs shot from our webcaster webshooter gun in under 50 seconds.