Real Life Size Pine Box Toe Pincher Coffin Custom Casket Prop Old West

Real Life Size Pine Box Toe Pincher Coffin Custom Casket Prop Old West
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THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! Our life size toe pincher coffins measure about 72 inches tall by about 24 inches wide with an inner depth of about 11 inches.

Next time you tell someone your gonna put they're tail in a pine box and they don't believe you, show them your coffin prop sitting in your basement and they'll get the picture loud and clear.

Our old west style era toe pincher coffins are made of real solid pine wood.

Our Halloween toe pincher coffin is made of fresh new solid top pine wood built to last through years of abuse and comes complete with non attached lid as shown.

Various handles on your casket can be added as a selected option if need be and you can even select lighting options for your particular setup needs and last but not least if the coffin is intended to be used for real funeral and burial purposes we have a option that allows us to clean and mate the edges and miter the outer most side diamond edges and make it clean and presentable for a real funeral and we have plenty of experience in dealing with funeral homes and cemetery's.

Also if you wish to have a custom size coffin made please feel free to call us for a quote, trust me when I say " Everyone Fits ".

In regards to custom made coffin abilities we can also make a group purchase of coffins into shell coffins, to make one coffin fits inside of another so that way you can have multiple coffins for stage props or Halloween decorations but yet not take up a lot of storage room when the haunted attraction show is over.

Not only does the old west style coffin make for a perfect Halloween prop but it also makes for a great storage box to put all your haunt stuff in when the Halloween season show is over.

Our hand made toe pincher coffin props will be shipped UPS Ground, if you wish to order more than one at a time you may call for a freight shipping quote before ordering unless you just wish to have a single coffin shipped UPS ground. Shipping may be billed separately if ordering more than just one hand made coffin casket, if you do order more than one and are not charged for shipping during your initial checkout, it may take up to two to three hours for a shipping invoice to be sent for shipping your coffins. If your coffin is for a funeral service it is imperative you let us know the coffin is going to be for actual burial purposes because time is of the issue in that case.

Please keep in mind with this being a real solid wood coffin it weighs about 60lbs.

Our coffins are no joke, they are real, made for the avid serious Halloween haunter and haunted attraction, best of all they're built to out last you.

Contact us by phone 502-836-3125 for custom coffins and personalized custom options like various religious symbols or lettering burned or carved into the casket lids.


The term toe pincher was used back in the old days simply because its a tight fit and your toes pointed together to make you fit, that and back then they would break and bend you how ever they needed to get you crammed into one of these coffins, just be thankful you can order one now with extra space before Halloween!

Many places were prone to flooding, often the cemeteries would be filled with coffins that had floated to the surface due to soggy ground. The wedge shape and heavier top end design was less likely to float than a simple box square coffin.

Yes, the term toe pincher was used back in the olden days because it truly was a tight fit and your toes pointed together to make you fit.

While it's much easier to make a squared box than the toe pincher design the amount of wood used is way less on the toe pincher casket design verses the old common squared box coffin style.

Another reason for the popularity of the toe pincher coffin style was that it was very easy to indicate which end was the head and which was the foot verses the simple square design which was near impossible to tell.

The toe pincher coffin was originally a early European design that was adopted and when brought to the US later done away with for the most part due to the labor cost / time of making them even though less wood was used as the wood conformed more to the body.

In a several instances in the civil war the toe pincher was used because it kept the cost of wood down this was specially true with forced labor since the labor was free and wood was not.

At one time during the late 1800's the toe pincher coffin design was even marketed by furniture stores like Sears and Roebuck.