Old Cartoon Black Ball Bomb Stage Prop Fake Round Mortar Shell

Old Cartoon Black Ball Bomb Stage Prop Fake Round Mortar Shell
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Product Description

You can own your very own stage prop replica black ball bomb that has a real ignitable fuse.

It’s made of durable light weight hard foam, coated in flat epoxy black, five inches round and is the signature of practical jokes and any funny comical skit when you just want to say im gonna blow you up in the most friendly way possible since nothing happens when the fuse burns down.

Even though they were made popular by cartoons with toons blowing themselves up with round black ball bombs here's a short history of these cannon ball bombs.

Surprisingly in the Mid to late 1800’s these old black mortar ball bombs actually did exist in real life. They were hollow fired round iron balls full of gun powder which was set off by a internal fuse.

The french even had a version called pomegranate bombs on account of the round shape bomblettes go as far back as the fifteenth century at least that we know of historically.

Speaking of history, lets not forget the civil war either and these would make great props for civil war actors. Regardless when the fuse was lit the mortar went off when the gunpowder was ignited.

Artillerists could adjust the length of the fuse to choose the time when the round went off. Basically you would get a air burst over the enemy, showering them with shrapnel.

We’ve made a single run of these prop replicas so when they’re gone they’re gone. Grab a few of these hand made realistic looking stage prop bombs today!

Having a arm full of these things for a photo op is priceless and they make great decorations even if you choose to light the wick.

Did we mention that you can buy spare wicks?

Your all out of excuses, grab a few today.

Fuse burns at a rate of about 25 seconds per foot.