HALLOWEEN PROP ACTUATORS 12V High Speed Slide Gear Driven

HALLOWEEN PROP ACTUATORS 12V High Speed Slide Gear Driven
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Product Description

We hope your ready! Our newest electric Halloween Prop Gear Driven Electronic Actuators don't get the nick name WARP SPEED for nothing!

They move at an impaling 8 INCHES PER SECOND just like our tube high speed ones but this one packs a serious power punch on a gear track!

Haunting animation will never be the same, at that speed you can scare the crap out of even the toughest of customers when a heavier item needs to be moved!


- Forces to up 60 lbs

- 8 inches/sec speed no load

- Strokes available from 1 inch to 6 feet

- Small driver body length (3.5" long X 4" wide)

- 12 VDC operation

- Pivot or rigid body mounting

- Select up to a 27 inch stroke ( if you need longer strokes call the shop, we can go up to 6ft long )

Care must be taken when using these actuators on props, they travel at 8 inches per second and have a force capability of up to 60lbs, this is a professional haunted house grade actuator and no over limit or safety devices are installed on these units but with them being on a thin rail not only can they be hidden when working with tight spaces you can mount limit switches in tons of various places, this has to be one of our most used and versital actuators we have ever used.

Power supply purchased seperately in our electronics section.

If you have nay questions please call us 502-836-3125!