NEW! Fake / Dummy Pace Maker Pacemaker Prop Halloween Zombie

NEW! Fake / Dummy Pace Maker Pacemaker Prop Halloween Zombie
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Product Description

Our newest addition to our prop lineup. It's your very own dummy Pacemaker prop! That's right it's a fake pace maker originally used for medical examples or medical displays!

It looks real, feels real and even has the dummy hookup but there's nothing inside of the thing!

So if your old zombie needs a pacemaker and has no health insurance now you know where to get one for super cheap just in the nick of time to keep that heart going for a few more weeks!

The picture shows five different ones but they are all pretty much the same, upon purchase we just grab one out of the box and ship it to you since they're all about the same size.

Please bear in mind there are no working parts inside and the thing can never be made to work or function it is just a display pacemaker prop.

If you have any questions please call the shop for all of your theatrical prop and Halloween prop needs at 502-836-3125.