Newon LED Lighted OPEN Sign with Business Hours Neon Light Up

Newon LED Lighted OPEN Sign with Business Hours Neon Light Up
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Product Description

It's a Newon LED lighted business sign that was purchased new and only used for the month of October for a local Haunted House this year to hold them over till we could build them a giant custom made glowing sign.

It has a separate dial adjustable flash option for the OPEN part and the business hours are always steady on but on this one you have the option of adjusting the speed of flash of the open word or you can keep it steady on as well and the blue slashes so they can be seen crystal clear for over 50yrds away also you can have just the business hours light up and not the open at all if you want.

We do not have all of the peel and stick business hour numbers only some of them but you can get a set at staples or office depot for a couple of dollars or make your own or even write on it with a dry erase marker.

Sign Measures 23'' x 21'' and can be seen clearly at over 50yrds away, not to mention it's a LED light up business sign so this thing will last for years. It is in flawless condition.

If your interested in having a custom glow sign made for your business or home call us 502-836-3125, with us your only limited to your imagination.