Magicians Theatrical Stage Flash Pot Device Basic 110V Version Aerial Pryotechnics

Magicians Theatrical Stage Flash Pot Device Basic 110V Version Aerial Pryotechnics
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Product Description

Our basic version of the theatrical stage flash pot works quite simple in it's design and serves magicians, rock concerts and illusionist and most theater settings that require a controlled ignition source that is reliable and failure is not a option.

What is a flashpot?

A flashpot is a sturdy container that can hold a pyrotechnic charge ( Usually flash paper and flash powder ) and is wired to ignite them.

Our basic flash pot will ignite flash paper products and flash cotton products when power is applied to the unit.

We do have separate trigger options for remote wired button activation and wireless activation that can be additionally purchased.

Power needed to activate the flash pot on theatrical stage settings is 110V.

Our base flashpot comes stock with a four inch barrel for getting you into the 10ft range depending on how you pack your load of materials in the flash pot.

Flash paper and flash cotton not included and to be purchased separately, however it does come with 50 special wires for 50 ignitions and spares can be purchased very cheaply.

We do offer technical assistance with all of our pyrotechnics and theatrical pryo products with the mindset that you have at least some degree of knowledge of what your doing in regards to being safe.

With that being said by purchasing this and any other special fx pyrotechnic item from our website you agree to assume all responsibility and hold us harmless from the use or misuse of any item purchased from us so please read the below info.

Plan your pyrotechnics special effects as carefully as possible!

Try to think of every possible scenario that will be happening on your stage when you want to use the effect and then ask yourself whether anything could interfere with the effect or pose a safety risk.

When planning the position of the flash pots, make sure that they are not located in a high-traffic area because the last thing you need is an actor kicking your flash pot up against the back curtain or worse an actor who doesn't know about the flash pot being used so communication is key, everyone needs to be on the same page and practice makes perfect.

We have fired hundreds of pryo loads on stages filled with actors but since everyone was in unison and communicated, not once was a single person even close to being in danger at any time, we design or pyrotechnics to be the safest possible but most of all we communicate.