Mad Scientist Laboratory Vial Prop Blacklight UV Reactive Plutonium

Mad Scientist Laboratory Vial Prop Blacklight UV Reactive Plutonium
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Product Description

Our mad scientist radioactive vial props are sure to be a supreme eye catcher when it comes to not only looking realistic but feeling realistic and will serve as the ultimate show piece in your evil scientist laboratory this halloween season.

The vial is blacklight responsive and glows violently when under a blacklight and will stand out from all of your other vials and props in your mad scientist lab.

Vial sports billet aluminum caps with dual notch runners, clear outer is made of polex for superior scratch resistance and the internal is polex is coated in a highly UV reactive coating.

The vial measures six inches long and is a inch and a quarter round.

Click on the picture to get a closer view of the theatrical glow vial if you like and be sure to check out our other glowing vials and movie prop replicas as they become available.

Vial cannot be opened and is for display / theatrical use only and cannot be used to power time machines or any other nuclear devices.

Remember if you dont see what your looking for on our website we make custom prop replicas for any occasion and any theme so by all means contact us and let us know how we can be of service to you.