Fake Dynamite Stick Theatrical Stage Prop Replica With Real Lightable Fuse

Fake Dynamite Stick Theatrical Stage Prop Replica With Real Lightable Fuse
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Product Description

It's dynamite! Our theatrical stage prop fake dynamite sticks are perfect for those situations where you need the authentic look but prefer to keep all your body parts intact.

Our stage prop dynamite feels just like the real thing as it actually has some weight to it which is great for helping get some distance if it needs to be tossed.

It looks just like the real thing and feels just like the real thing so you know that this dynamite costume accessory will add to your act, even upon close inspection you'll find the dynamite prop paper feels roughly textured just like the real thing.

If you need to light the fuse the real fuse burn time is 18 seconds per foot even though the dynamite prop reads CSX brand DYNAMITE 1 X 9 Warning: Explosive - Fuse burn time 6 seconds per foot

Our fake dynamite stage prop explosives even have a real special 12'' fuse you can actually light for extreme realism that is designed to smoke more than normal fuses for that added theatrics.

Care must be taken if lighting the dynamite fuse as the fuse is capable of causing burns, always use in a safe controlled manner while on stage.

Best of all it comes in your choice of color red or white.

Our dynamite stage props are not to be carried through airports or other secure or public places because it could get you in serious trouble, our fake dynamite sticks look that real, they serve as the ultimate training tool and as one hair raising practical joke or gag.

Purchase price is for one theatrical stick of fake dynamite and extra fuses can be purchased if need be.

Buyer assumes all responsibility of the proper use of this theatrical dynamite prop as with any prop purchased from kentucky special fx as all of our fake dynamite props are extremely authentic looking and are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing.