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Visitation by appointment only.

Shipping Information: All items purchased will usually be shipped out within the specified ship out time located near the product price unless on a weekend or holiday or due to unexpected delays however please keep in mind in the months of August through October order ship times may be longer than expected / displayed on some items due to it being the busiest part of the season and we are flooded with orders and are processing them as fast as possible. Please note if you have contacted us for a custom prop or custom project you will have been given an allotted ship/work time in the quote. In most cases its just a few days delay in getting an order out if there is a delay at all.

RETURNS OR REFUNDS: We do not offer returns or refunds unless an item has been damaged in shipping, every prop that leaves our shop has been 100% tested, signed and looked over before it is shipped. NOTHING leaves our shop without being tested. The reason for our non-return or non-refund policy is because most of the items you see on our website are custom made to order and are not made until your order is placed and paid for.

DAMAGED ITEMS: If you have received an item and it is DOA you must call us the moment the package arrives and has been signed for and we may constitute a refund and or return at our discretion, if we have been reimbursed then you will receive a refund, if we have not been reimbursed then you will not receive a refund. If an item is damaged in shipping, UPS or Fedex, which are our main carriers, will be held responsible, we do not ship any item uninsured.

If a refund is given because of a damaged item, it will only issued when the carrier reimburses Kentucky Special FX and not before. By purchasing on our website you agree to the above terms in full and waver all rights with any payment processing facility or credit card company or money transfer institution.

ALTERNATIVE SHIPPING METHODS: If for any reason you need to have an item shipped USPS please let us know, we understand that military based families sometimes can not receive items through UPS or other carriers and with that being said we will ship USPS if the need arises ( Please inquire by phone or email about shipping with a different carrier than UPS or Fedex ). We do everything possible to support our troops and the family members while on base or abroad. We are not responsible in any form or fashion for shipments made USPS that are not signed for, this was our main reason for not using USPS as one of our main carriers as USPS tends to leave packages in unsafe areas. In regards to pickups, visitation is by appointment only due the regards of custom magician illusions that are on site at any given time, both of our facilities are secure and you will not be let in without an appointment, no exceptions.

CANADA AND OUT OF COUNTRY SHIPPING: We have no problem with shipping almost any where in the world but you do have to call us first, also please do not ask us to lie on customs forms and state that a item was a gift or some other form of deception. We will declare the actual value of what was paid for our products and if you have to pay tariff fees for importing then it is your responsibility not ours. It is not worth the hassle of us getting in trouble, especially when it's our tail that's on the line and not yours. There is a automatic $5.00 USD charge for international shipping due to the customs forms we have to print up, sign, stuff in envelopes ECT..


By making any purchase on our website you agree to the above terms and conditions in full and waver any and all rights.

Please note that we do not ship to the following countries under any circumstances what so ever - IRAQ - KUWAIT - IRAN - N. KOREA - CUBA - PAKISTAN - EGYPT - SYRIA - PALESTINE - AFGHANISTAN - VIETNAM