High Speed Electronic 12V Actuators OUR FASTEST!!!!

High Speed Electronic 12V Actuators OUR FASTEST!!!!
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Product Description

We hope your ready! Our newest electric Halloween Prop 12V Driven Electronic Actuators don't get the nick name IMPAILERS for nothing!

They move at an impaling 9 INCHES PER SECOND these pack a serious punch when speed and power are of the essence!

This is Electronic Haunting Prop Animation at its best and will never be the same, at that speed you can scare the crap out of even the toughest of customers when a heavier item needs to be moved!

These electronic actuators are ideal to install in magician illusions where failure is not an option, these actuators serve the theatrical and haunted house industry with reliability and scream industrial loud and proud.


12Vdc input

5A current draw no load 8A recommended supply

9" Per sec speed

IP54 Rating

Wiring: 2 wires, reverse polarity changes direction

Limit switches: built in

Stroke options: 2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 18" (custom actuator strokes available)

Care must be taken when using these actuators on props, they travel at 9 inches per second and have a force capability of up to 50lbs, this is a professional haunted house grade actuator and should be treated as such.

Recommended power supply can be purchased separately in our electronics section, it is highly recommended that you use a power supply supplying more than 8 amps like the power supplies we sell to be used specifically with our actuators. If you do not use a power supply of more than eight amps you risk over heating the unit and burning it up. If you have any questions please call us 502-836-3125!

We do our best to help our pro haunted house owners and Home Haunter and DIY do it yourself serious halloween home haunters when ever possible to make the best choice to handle your needs.