Halloween Animatronic Animated Half Coffin Prop Pneumatic

Halloween Animatronic Animated Half Coffin Prop Pneumatic
Item# halloween-prop-animatronic-half-coffin-coffin-popper
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Product Description

Just like our basic half coffin except this one has a supprise waiting for those unsuspecting guest.

It's made of real lightly weathered wood and treated to keep it looking like it just popped up, coffin measures 37 and a half inches by 24 and a half inches. The coffin has an inner depth of 9 inches so you can add good sized props to the inside.

The hinged door retains the ability to open and close freely when on level ground due to the special tilt desgin. This is truely an addition to your cemetery you can not pass up and with it being made of wood it's extremely durable and built to last for years.

The half coffin is animatronic and motion activated, once activated it goes through its program of opening and closing the door for about a minute, then it pauses and arms itself and readys for the next activation.

Our animatronic half coffin is sold with the program you see in the video below, however custom programming is available for an extra $39.99, you must call before ordering a custom program so we know exactly what you want.

Our half coffin only needs between 15psi and 25psi to operate saving you a ton of money in operating cost for your air compressor and best of all uses a standard 110V outlet to power the power supply for the program control and motion sensor.

You can even select to have us add a mounted half realistic poseable skeleton torso with arms just like in the picture!

With this animatronic half coffin all you have to do is hook it up to your air supply and 110V power and your ready to scare the pants off those guest. All parts used in construction are industrial grade and built to last.

Be sure to check the video out below and watch this thing in action!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The skeleton in the picture is not included in the base price, also there may be slight variations in color or layout of wood as these items are hand made from real wood. If you have any questions please call the shop at 502-836-3125.

This item can be shipped UPS Ground, if you wish you may call for a freight shipping quote before ordering unless you wish to have the coffin shipped ground, shipping may be billed seperately, if you are not charged for shipping during your inital checkout, it may take up to two hours for a invoice to be sent for shipping.