Harley Quinn Arkham Ghost Prop Halloween Decoration Gotham

Harley Quinn Arkham Ghost Prop Halloween Decoration Gotham
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Product Description

If your a old school Gotham city comic book fan and looking to decorate with a Arkham city theme then this blacklight reactive Harley Quinn Halloween ghost decoration is for you.

In all her unique glory, we present to you the ghost of Harley Quinn Halloween ghost prop.

This unique Halloween decoration doubles after Halloween because its a prop you can leave up year round to show your true spirit for DC Comics being a die hard comic fan.

The Harley Quinn ghost decoration is black light reactive from head to toe and the three different colors of the traditional pure true white, red and black explode with a unique effect right down to those painted baby blue eyes with those big batty eye lashes that will leave your friends jaws on the ground.

The Harley Quinn ghost prop is a highly detailed piece and stands six feet tall from the top of her jester ears to the bottom drape, the arms and shoulders are easily bendable to your liking so you can make her pose in various positions.

The black Harley Quin mask is a actual mask affixed to the prop and not just painted on the prop to continue to give her a good continuous 3D feel.

The jester horns with the white ball tips on this particular ghost decoration just add to the over all effect and seriously give her dimension that sets her apart from the rest of the ghost decoration line up.