Harry Potter Party Halloween Floating Glowing Pumpkins Great Hall Decoration

Harry Potter Party Halloween Floating Glowing Pumpkins Great Hall Decoration
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Product Description

An illusion, Halloween decoration and spooky lighting effect and Harry Potter Great Hall Pumpkin Party Halloween Decoration illusion all in one.

These large floating pumpkins are sure to be a smash hit at your Halloween party.

Price is for a single Harry Potter style Halloween floating pumpkin decoration, the best part is you can either leave the special invisible thread on the pumpkin to hang them virtually anywhere for the floating effect or you can use them by placing the blacklight reactive great hall pumpkins around your haunted house for that extra creepy lighting effect for Halloween night since they have flat bottoms.

You can hang a few of these Great Hall Pumpkins together in a room for a super spooky lighting effect and magical illusion, they present both a fantastic illusion of floating Potter pumpkins over your Halloween guest and give off that creepy reactivity of light just like you would expect from a professional made light weight blacklight reactive prop. Our floating great hall pumpkins make for a superior photo opportunity for your halloween party guest as well that will be remembered for years to come.

Our great hall pumpkins come ready to show off, all you have to do is turn a blacklight on them, hang them and your ready!

If you do not have a black light, the extra option is available in the options to include a proper fluorescent black light to light up a 20 x 20 room.

Our spooky floating pumpkin illusion sets are also in stock for Halloween but we have a limited supply this year. Grab these amazing magical harry potter Halloween theme replicas before they float away.

Pumpkins are made of light weight thick foam and are very sturdy and can be cut or carved to make your harry potter pumpkin more personal if you desire.