Halloween Realistic Life Size Mummy Museum Prop

Halloween Realistic Life Size Mummy Museum Prop
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Product Description

Do you know where your mummy is?

Shes right here, we just borrowed her from the local Cairo museum, just kidding.

This mummy is six feet long and shows the features of how a thousand year old mummy should look.

Our mummies are quad fold wrap and then lacquer treated and poly sealed to last for years to come. Durability is the key word with our props!

This mummy does not look like its just been put there and that is what sets ours apart from the competition, we spent hours in actual museums looking for perfectly preserved mummies to use as our mirror and guide to bring you a quality Halloween mummy prop.

Mummy prop comes with roughly 20ft of extra cloth to help set the scene decorating the surrounding area of the mummy prop as well.

This prop is sure to please and make a super addition to any haunt or Egyptian scene!

Wooden skid in the picture is not included but may be purchased separately.