Halloween or Haunted House Fake False Faux Realistic Looking Window Board Prop Kit

Halloween or Haunted House Fake False Faux Realistic Looking Window Board Prop Kit
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Product Description

Perfect for when those pesky Halloween zombies are trying to attack your haunted house on Halloween or simply just to turn a window from ordinary into a run down house on Halloween night for that realistic spooky theme. These ultra light faux false window board props come in various widths, the average length is right about 40 inches long and in each set of five we always have a smaller board so you can make each window look different.

You get five boards per set which is more than enough to add some serious professional flair to any window which will really set the over all, creepy as hell, rundown, freak the whole neighborhood out look you know you want deep down inside.

This is one of those items that really help the home haunter or pro haunt turn a plain front house into spook central in a matter of seconds. Our imitation Halloween window boards decorations can transform any house into a run down home in no time with ease.

Double sided sticky tape or 3M Level Four Tape / Gaffers Tape is recommended for mounting, Gorilla tape works well if the glass is clean.

Tape is not included.

Each ultra thin wooden board weighs about 10 ounces and is .200's thick and has a real wood grain finish upon even the closest of inspections.

They can be easily snapped or trimmed length wise for a custom window fit or you can call us and tell us what you need and we can trim them for you at no additional cost if you want a clean cut precision fit rather than a old run down creepy look.

Nothing will get your house labeled quicker as " That House " than our spooky window board Halloween decorations.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the shop at 502-836-3125 from 11am - 1am EST. seven days a week.