Halloween Ghost Decoration 6ft Tall White Hanging Ghost Prop

Halloween Ghost Decoration 6ft Tall White Hanging Ghost Prop
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Product Description

The brightest color of all our hanging Halloween ghost decorations is here.

Our 6ft tall Halloween ghost decoration hangs from a black solid metal hook and the best part is it only weighs one pound.

It glows a pure and true UV balance white when a long tube fluorescent blacklight shines on it.

This particular hanging ghost decoration will serve its purpose hanging in the window inside the home or outside in a tree.

This is truly the brightest of all Halloween ghost decorations designed to really catch the eye’s of traffic from a great distance away and help draw attention to your Halloween event even if it is just a home haunt.

There are lot’s of tricks you can do with our hanging ghost decorations and with each purchase we give you a tip sheet with some professional display idea’s to really get the crowds coming in on Halloween night.

Keep in mind there are many variations or options available for any ghost, hooded, haired, various hats Etc...

Remember, if you don't see the Halloween ghost you want or if you need a custom Halloween prop jusst call the shop number at 502-836-3125 and we can make you a custom hanging Halloween ghost or hanging Halloween decoration.

If you need a long tube 24 inch blacklight select the option to add one to the order.

One Light will light up any two of our hanging Halloween ghost as long as they are within at least ten feet of the light.