Halloween Lightning Controller Box Simulator Flicker Light 110v

Item# halloween-lightning-box-600watt
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Product Description

Your lights flicker to the sound of thunder on this Halloween night and you know your in trouble, big trouble!

Our 110v lightning controller boxes are able to to make up to 600watts of incandescent lights flicker violently to the sound of thunder from what ever track it is your playing on Halloween.

Question: So how many lights can it control and cause to flicker?

Answer: It can make up to six 100watt lights flicker or it can make up to 15 40watt lights flicker. It's a matter of math, since the unit can handle 600watts you divide or add up the wattage of the lights your using to make sure you do not exceed the 600watt range.

Question: What if I exceed the 600watt range?

Answer: You will burn the box up quickly and therefore we recommend staying under 600watts.

The Halloween lightning box has a microphone that picks up rumbles of thunder and when sensed it causes items plugged into the box to erratically flicker.

The light flicker box has other uses as well. If you have a actor beating on something near the box then lights plugged into the box will also be caused to flicker.