Halloween Grave Marker Tombstone Movie Studio Quaility Prop Decoration

Halloween Grave Marker Tombstone Movie Studio Quaility Prop Decoration
Item# used-studio-grade-gravemarker-prop-repaired
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Product Description

These are studio grade graveyard props that were in a premiere haunts cemetery for a halloween closeup photo op that got damaged, the far right one corner pieces broke on the couple we have but we repaired it so we could offer them to our less fortunate customers that deserve a chance to get premiere quaility halloween items on a budget.

A custom studio / movie quaility gravemarker prop like this would retail for over $280.00 were letting it go simply for the time it took us to properly repair the lower corner section.

The prop measures 40 inches tall and 21 inches wide and is two inches thick.

It's weatherd, can be made blacklight reactive upon request, epoxy coated and feels cold to the touch as this was meant to be a functioning piece, it feels real and looks real.

It has a tilt desgin to simulate sinking into the ground. Some customers have used them as window fillins for crypts that have windows that will be eye level as this particular piece cand be examined at just inches away and look realistic to even the pros.

AS OF January 27st these are on back order!