Halloween Blacklight Pumpkin Head Prop Evil Foam Decoration

Halloween Blacklight Pumpkin Head Prop Evil Foam Decoration
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Product Description

While doing a renovation on a haunt we ran across a wall of these foam evil looking blacklight reactive pumpkin head props and we replaced them with a different theme, so rather than trash such a nicely detailed creepy looking item we figured why not offer them in our used items section.

The back of the head prop is flat for mounting to walls or pneumatic setups for pop up scares which is awesome and since it is made of foam it is extremely light weight.

Pumpkin foam head prop measures 15 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

It's blacklight reactive.

Has a few tiny scratches on it but at even three feet away it looks flawlessly evil.

These pumpkin halloween props would be great for hanging on front doors of houses during the witching season in October.