Glow Sheets Flat EL Flexible Glowing Light Cards 120V 3'' x 5'' Sheet

Glow Sheets Flat EL Flexible Glowing Light Cards 120V 3'' x 5'' Sheet
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Product Description

Imagine a flat flexible glowing sheet / light bulb the same thickness as credit card, this is just that, it's a thin sheet that glows brightly to put inside halloween props and decorations or place behind pictures to light up your favorite picture, even use it as a back light on a window!

Glow cards are semi flexible sheets that have so many uses for special effects lighting in theatrical and halloween decorative lighting were not even going to try to attempt to list them, let your imagination run wild with our thin flat glowing light sources, the uses are endless and the benifits for putting light in tight spaces will now prove this to be a true investment. Each card is semi flexible meaning it must not be bent sharply but can be curved around most props and objects if need be.

Each card measures 3 inches x 5 inches and can be powered by 120V AC power directly from a wall outlet and get the luminescent power you see in the picture or you can have us include a power inverter to make it glow even brighter, our power inverter can power up to 10 cards linked together if need be.

Each glowing light card has two tiny metal tabs that you hook power to and the card will instantly glow a bright off white greenish color.

The flat illumination glowing sheets have a pinkish color in normal light with no power applied and a grey backside that does not light up.

Colored films can be placed over the sheet to change the color of the illumination if desired and also the cards can be written on with a dry erase marker or permanent marker if desired.

You must use great care when wiring the card up because you are using 120V, while the EL glowing sheets or cards do not create any heat, where you atttach your wires at the tabs is critical, you must make a solid reliable safe permanent connection and this is your responsibility.

By purchasing this item you agree to hold harmless in any shape, form or fashion.