Fog Machine Heater Block High Temp Repair Gel

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Product Description

High temp metal repair gel able to withstand continuous extreme heat of up to 2100 degrees.

Used to repair cracks in metal heater blocks and seal up high pressure leaks.

When cured it can be sanded and drilled.

Works on steel, aluminum and cast iron with gaps of up to 1/8s wide.

Composition of metal quality will depend on wither or not the high temp gel will work to repair the item needed to be fixed, some metals take to the compound well and other metals that are galvanized, leaded, rusted or of just general poor quality may not be fixable at all.

We offer this as a last chance hope to fix fog machine heater blocks that are cracked.

Price is $19.99 per ounce, one ounce is usually enough to repair a 1 inch long crack, deeper cracks than 1/8 in depth and longer than one inch may require more repair gel.