Extremely Powerfull & Loud Snap N Pops Pressure Detonators

Extremely Powerfull & Loud Snap N Pops Pressure Detonators
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Product Description

Known as mega pop pop's, thunder snaps or marv's super snappers or theatrical gun shot drops but ours pack a updated serious punch.

Sold in sets of 10 individual pieces.

These are not toys for children, these snap pops can blow skin off or even worse.

They are originally meant to be used to set off other items or fireworks or theatrical pyrotechnic special effects.

You have not heard a snap and pop until you heard one of these go off, try the equal of a hot loaded .22 pistol going off. No were not kidding.

These are NOT intended for children in any way, these are for adults 21 or older ONLY.

Works just like traditional little kiddy novelty white snappers but these are the loudest and most powerful snap n pops fire work version that can legally be sold without a signing a release waver and other verification.

Classified as pressure sensitive poppers / detonators.

We pack these individually in rolls of 10 in foam or bubble wrap to insure they can not be accidentally detonated.

As with all products in the pyrotechnics section, you are purchasing these items at your own risk and assume any and all responsibility for the use or misuse arising from the purchasing and use of these items. You agree to hold us harmless in any fashion. In other words if you sit on one and blow your self a new a$$ #@(*.. then your on your own.

Hazmat shipping may apply to this item if over twenty sets are ordered, again, this is not a toy for children, it is an explosive and is to be handled by responsible adults only.


It's an explosive!

What else do we have to say? By purchasing this item you agree you are responsible in all form and fashion from the use or misuse of this item and agree to hold the seller harmless in all aspects. Further more by purchasing this item you agree that you wave the right to make suit or claims for damages and that we can not be held liable in any way.

NOTE: This is considered our level two snap pops for stages and theatricals. We do have a level 3 snap pop but that requires a phone contact for verification that your not going to be careless and understand a strong respect pyrotechnics and also a physical signing of a release waver before we ship them. Again were not kidding.