Dynamite Blasting Machine Stage Prop Replica Photography Decoration

Dynamite Blasting Machine Stage Prop Replica Photography Decoration
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Product Description

Its dynamite!

Our theatrical stage prop blasting machine prop replica dynamite set is perfect for those situations where you need the authentic look but prefer to keep all your body parts intact.

Blasting plunger box measures 12 inches tall and 8 inches and then the plunger and rod measure another 12 inches making the prop come to a astounding total of two feet tall!

Our theatrical stage prop dynamite blasting machine complete set comes with the old style plunger box and ten foot of wire and four sticks of realistic dynamite taped together with black rubber tape and even has a fake detonator blasting cap protruding out of one end.

The plunger is spring restive meaning you can actually push the plunger down and it will push right back up.

The wire leads are able to be taken off in just seconds and then put back on in seconds because of the wing nuts for added theatrics.

Our stage prop dynamite feels just like the real thing as it actually has some weight to it even though your reminded of seeing this blasting machine setup in cartoons hundreds of times over the years.

Upon close inspection you'll find the paper feels roughly textured just like the real thing.

The four sticks creating the eye popping part of this prop all read Dupont Danger High Explosive Class A Explosive 80 Percent with a fake Lot Number and full name of manufacture and the body of each stick is 8 inches long and nearly one inch round.

Our theatrical dynamite prop related items are not to be carried through airports or other secure or public places because it could get you in serious trouble, our dynamite props look that real.

Purchase price is for the theatrical blasting machine prop and four theatrical sticks of dynamite taped together with rubberized tape and the fake detonating cap with 10ft of wire and metal round connectors, exactly what you see in the pictures.

Buyer assumes all responsibility of the proper use of this prop as with any prop purchased from us as all of our props are extremely authentic and are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing, for stage, theatrical, photography or training purposes only.

For an added price we can make the blasting machine detonating wire longer if need be to custom fit your exact needs.

If you need custom lettering on the front of the box we can add that for to say something like, ACME - AJAX BLASTING - BLASTING MACHINE -