Dicon Surface Mount Light 12V AC or DC T-5 Wedge Base Bulb

Dicon Surface Mount Light 12V AC or DC T-5 Wedge Base Bulb
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Product Description

Kentucky Special FX is proud to present it's Dicon Light Bulb Series.

This particular light bulb is our 12V .18 watts wedge base desgin and can run on 12V AC or DC and features 6 chips on the board for a more surrounding light. Dicon lights can be found in most of our custom haunted hose props we build due to theyre long life, safety and ability of control.

It has the lumens output of a 22 watt light bulb but instead of the dull dingy incandesent light, it produces a more pure brighter white light and blows LED's out of the water in both output of light, life expetancy and the fact that it uses less than a watt so your saving a ton of money in electricity and even after hours of use they only get warm to the touch so you can put these inside props, No more crispy props!

Our customers that saw our Dicon lights at the conventions this year were truely amazed and blown away that something so bright could be so small, use so little energy and be just warm to the touch!

We can make these in white, red, green, blue or yellow. If you need a color other than white please let us know and there is no extra charge for colors other than white.

If you have a request for a custom Dicon lightbulb for a particular fixture regardless of the voltage weither it be 12V or 110V we can make any size light for you, all you have to do is call the shop and we can quote you a price. Check out the picture below to see the difference for your self!