Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Traffic Light Nightlight Signal LED

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Traffic Light Nightlight Signal LED
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Product Description

Its Daniel Tigers neighborhood traffic stop light straight from the Tigers home to yours!

Its a Daniel Tiger nightlight, cartoon prop and decoration all rolled into one.

Daniels tigers traffic sign night light measures 18 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

The outer color is exactly like the one seen in the cartoon series.

The lights on the inside are LED's and do not pose a fire hazard like the old incandescent bulbs that the cheap novelty ones used to use.

The LED's inside are bright enough to dimly light up a child's bedroom in the dark that is 25 foot by 30 foot to the point of being able to see enough to walk around safely but not enough to where it would keep a child awake.

It is bright enough that during the day / light on in the room you can see the lights and tell its on.

There is a switch on the power cord so you dont have to plug and unplug the light to turn it off all the time.

Please note: The lights do not blink or flash, they all three stay on solid all the time, Daniel Tigers didn't flash or blink so these do not and BTW flashing lights keep kids awake.

If you want one that alternates the lights like a actual stop light then you can add it as a option.