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Potential customers of Kentucky Special Effects, I would like to take a moment to relay my experience with Mike and the gang from Kentucky Special Effects. I initially wanted to purchase a couple of UV ghosts from Mike, but had some questions about the ghosts, and Halloween haunts in general. Mike designed custom plans for a toe - pincher coffin for me, his thoughts about foggers and chillers, and so much more. I have Called Mike on numerous occasions, and he is always more than happy to listen and lend a helping hand. I personally would say that Kentucky Special Effects is in the top businesses I have ever dealt with. Mike and his staff take customer service to an entirely new realm.

Thanks, Mike for all your help, and good luck in your future endeavors. To future or potential customers: happy haunting. Stick with Mike and Kentucky Special Effects. Youíll be glad you did. Just one opinion, but itís mine.

Mike H. in Kansas

We bought two UV ghost from different wannabe FX sellers off of ebay, then we ran across Kentucky Special FX, the difference is night and day, MIKE! THE GHOST YOU MAKE ARE SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY. Now Kentucky Special FX is our one stop shop for custom stuff as well as the advertised stuff! Kentucky Special FX Kicks @ZZ!

Timmothy Rodgers in Ohio!

We had Kentucky Special FX build our haunt two custom pneumatic props and do a walk through for suggestions. They went above and beyond anything we could have ever expected. These guys have imaginations and creativity that is just plain crazy, when we need any thing were calling these guys first!

Trisha Gatewood in Tennessee

Mike, you guys rock! You put together some of the best scares for our haunt on a super tight budget, we can't thank you enough, I hope next year we can fly you up here for a week.

We actually heard groups of patrons talking about your scenes as they were leaving, that really say's something, our regular haunt guy we fired was never were able to achieve that kind of after effect! Looking forward to many years of business with you guys.

Todd Gilbert from Nevada

I still don't know how but you guys pulled it off, you created the props we needed within our budget to fill in the entrance scene and keep the patrons happy during a long wait. The blow up thing addition was a super idea. Job well done, you know we'll call you when were ready to redo some stuff this year in 2013 and don't worry you got the job.

Chris Thomas in Colorado

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know the glowin' ghoulies got here safely and they are going to be exactly what I needed! I had them in the "dead room" with only one single 18" blacklight in the whole room just to try them out, and the glowing effect was amazing! Really much more intense than a lot of the other fluorescent stuff I've seen. Heck, these ghosts are so vivid and bright that they almost look like they're under a blacklight when they're just in normal indoor light. With a blacklight on them, they practically look like neon signs! Which is just what I was hoping to achieve for this scene. I'm really glad I discovered you, provided exactly what I described, and in incredibly short order too! You must've dropped what you were doing and burned the midnight oil to get my order out that quickly, and I appreciate it! Will send you pics of the spooooooky room when we get 'er all set up!

David Lady Haunted House Owner

The portable ice jet kits were the $hit, we had people begging to be able to stand near it, Mike your a god! All the other kits we looked at were about the same cost as yours but your is completely portable and comes with a bottle no one else can top that. I'm the only DJ that can take my portable c02 jet any where I want to, even in the middle of a farm field. A W S O M E! Keep up the creativity our eyes are on you and foresee you creating some dam cool stuff!

Tom Calloway Theater Director in Utah

Kentucky Special FX built several huge custom prop drivers for our Halloween themed haunted house props. We contacted them very late in the year around September and they still managed to fit us in even though it was a couple of days late but that was our fault for ordering so late in the year and asking for something so crazy. Thanks guys for all the last minute hard work, we know who to come to for custom built Halloween props.

Tina Gessinger in Florida Haunted Attraction Owner

These guys and gals know they're stuff when it comes to recreating crime scenes. They really gave serious attention to detail to our sets blue prints and then went the extra mile with some suggestions even we would have never thought of that would make a real difference. Creative, forethought and extreme visionary's sum up the crew at Kentucky special effects. They're scary in a good way and fast and these are our go to guys from now on. I'm just glad you guys are on our side.

Detective Kim Burket A.C.P.D. Illinois

Hey Mike, as promised here is something to put on your website. The show will air on 10/31/13, in Louisville / The Ohio Valley Area on WMYO MyTV channel 58 at 12pm. I bought several black light reactive yellow colored skeleton Halloween ghost props for our Halloween show segment. I used professional black lights for a particular segment and the ghost looked great in the background, I mean great. I got tons of compliments on them from the crew and audience. I even ended up using them again at a co-workers Halloween party and they looked just as awesome using the much cheaper store bought black light tubes from you guys. To any one, I highly recommend the ghost because so many people asked me where I got them. Also, the experience buying from you guys on just a few day notice couldnít have been easier or more reliable from beginning to end. Thank You for being there for us!

David Shaffer of The Jerry Springer & Steve Wilkos Shows

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NBC Studios

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Mythbusters Exhibit

Six Flags Amusement Parks

The Walt Disney Company Florida

Metro Goldwin Mayer

Stephens Dare To Care Haunted Attraction

The Jerry Springer Show

The Great Late David Lady

Leftfield Pictures Gun Tucky

Pump It Up Inflatable Play Arena

Kentucky PRP Fire Dept.

Colorado Dept. of Transportation

LaGrange Championship Wrestling

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Chesapeake City Fire Company

College of Charleston

Hollywood Drive-In Golf LLC.

St. Marys Hospital, Grandjunction, CO

Per-Tech Inc., Massillon, OH