Cryo Spray Gun - CO2 Ice Jet - Co2 Fogger - Handheld Fog Blaster Special Effects FX

Cryo Spray Gun - CO2 Ice Jet - Co2 Fogger - Handheld Fog Blaster Special Effects FX
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Product Description

Hand held CO2 Gun comes with hose and fitting to connect to a CO2 tank.

Package comes with the following:

CO2 Gun (w attached 24" nozzle) with attached connect fitting

25' Hose with attached quick connect fitting and attached Brass Fitting listed below ( to connect hose to CO2 Tank )

Brass fitting connection to connect hose to special CO2 Tank, no tanks are immediately included but can be added as a option.

The hose and CO2 gun listed have fittings already installed so you can easily disconnect the hose from the CO2 Gun when not in use. NO Electricity is required for this package, simply connect the hose to the gun and the other end of the hose to your CO2 tank and your ready to go!

This CO2 gun shoots about a 15' long stream and about 4' wide depending on humidity conditions!

Our CO2 guns are used in stage productions, nightclubs, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, special events and any place where Co2 cold smoke jet blast are needed.

Co2 shooter produces similar fog and smoke effects to a fog machine but do not linger like fog as the cloud instantly dissipates as the CO2 dissipates after coming out of the gun, the cloud vanishes within seconds after the user stops spraying.

NOTE: The special ice jet CO2 Tank can be added in the options. You may purchase a Co2 tank as a added option for the CO2 gun to work if you do not have a Co2 tank of your own.

All of our Co2 tanks are brand new with new certifications unlike our competitors who will sell you tanks that are dangerously manufactured or out of date.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of this item and may not hold us responsible for any reason what so ever and by purchasing buyer agrees to this and that the items are custom made to order and are not returnable or refundable in any form or fashion because once we cut the hose you own it.

You may at any time call us for technical help as we strive to provide the best service possible for all of our theatrical and special effects customers.