This page is dedicated to all those who either work at the shop or who have helped make a success in providing the best in custom theatrical props and custom Halloween decorations and events, these are the people that are dedicated to pure quality and understand what teamwork is all about.

Mike Bisch of Louisville KY - Owner

Paul Quinn - Prop Fabrication / Set Fabricator

Philip Gamblin of Louisville Kentucky - Master Fabricator / Onsite Set Master

Joseph Bowman of Louisville KY - Master Electronics

Bobby Parker of Shepardsville KY - Raw Fabrication

Denise Strong of Louisville KY - DECORATIVE PROP FABRICATION

Arvil Hart of Louisville KY - CUSTOMER SERVICE & SHIPPING

Steve Cundiff of Louisville KY - COMPUTERS Black Box Tech

Michelle Butler of Louisville KY - STAGE FABRIC TECH

( TRIOXN ) Michael Weaver of Louisville KY - 3D ARTIST

Alexis Bowman of Louisville KY - UV ARTIST

David Carrithers of Louisville KY - ATTORNEY

Bob Doucett of Louisville KY - BUSINESS ADVICE

Dennis Alm of New Albany IN - GRAND ILLUSION ADVISER

John Butler of Louisville KY - PYROTECHNICS & NFPA ADVISER