Flying Crank Ghost Animated Halloween Decoration Motorized Prop

Flying Crank Ghost Animated Halloween Decoration Motorized Prop
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Product Description

Now you can have a flying crank ghost in a complete, true professional version of the motorized / animated Halloween prop.

After years of watching poorly built amateur Flying Crank Ghost being produced and plagued with problems we knew it was only a matter of time before Halloween home haunters would call us and ask us to build a super strong, well though out, easy to setup, no tools required, complete Halloween FCG Flying Crank Ghost Prop.

No haunted house with a window is complete without one of our Halloween FCG flying crank ghost setups. They add serious flair to Halloween cemetery scenes & haunted houses and can bring your entire haunted house to life by giving spooky ghost movement to any haunt's window.

You get every thing you need in this setup, the rig is assembled and ready to go, all you have to do is hang the rig, hang the ghost on the rig, shine a blacklight on it and your ready to sit back and enjoy the show.

Our self contained easy to setup rig sports an INSANELY POWERFUL motor that has three four times the power actually needed to drive any of our ghost, WE DO NOT use cheap budget motors ( Dayton or Disco Ball Motors ) that can get hot and pose a fire hazard or wear out, our motors don't need fans on the back of them.

Our professional light weight rig is flat black and can hardly be scene in even the most well lit Halloween cemeteries, the motor runs extremely cool and will not get hot even after running continuous for weeks on end, best of all it comes with anyone of the ghost of your choice below.

The motor plugs into any common 110V grounded outlet and comes with the special high performance strings needed for hanging the ghost and rig.

You even have access to a how to setup video that shows several different options on how you can set it up while going over basic setup as well.

Our shop number is 502-836-3125 and you can call us seven days a week between the hours of 10am - 11pm EST.

If you have any questions before purchase or even during assembly please call us, were here to help you!

Blacklight can be purchased as an added option above.

For professional haunts you may consider adding the weather protection option on the motor to protect it from rain, however this unit is not to be operated when wet or near water like any other electrical device, this option serves as an emergency last resort in situations where there is a strong chance it could get left out in the weather.

Remember, if you don't see the ghost you want to put on your FCG or if you need a custom prop to go on the rig call the shop during our normal business hours and we will assist you. We just added the pumpkin man option earlier this year for those of you wishing to get the pumpkin head ghost that started all this.

Blue Lady Flying Crank Ghost

Blue Skeleton Flying Crank Ghost

Green Lady Flying Crank Ghost

White Faceless Crank Ghost

Green Skeleton Crank Ghost

Orange Lady Flying Crank Ghost

Orange Ghost Skeleton

Purple Flying Crank Ghost Lady Option

Red Lady Crank Ghost

Red Skeleton Crank Ghost

Yellow Lady Ghost

Yellow Skeleton Flying Crank Ghost

We do give credit to Doug Fergusson, the inventor of the first flying crank ghost ever. The version we sell is a more industrial, stronger unit with improved options and design that allows non mechanically inclined individuals to enjoy the same principal without hassle.