Blue Glowing Resident Evil T-Virus Movie Prop Reproduction

Blue Glowing Resident Evil T-Virus Movie Prop Reproduction
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Product Description

It's a 100% life size reproduction of a blue spiral T-Virus Vial from the movies Resident Evil with a kick, IT LIGHTS UP!


In the bottom of one end of the vial are two wires that run down the actors sleeve to a battery pack you can clip on to your belt or pocket, this battery pack uses a 9 Volt battery and has a dial control to adjust the brightness of the glow and a dial to adjust the speed of flash if you have the flash setting on or you can set it to stay on constantly, it has three different illumination options, 1 - Fast flash 2- Slow flash 3 - Constantly on and then of course off.

Length of wires running from the vial to the battery pack are 42 inches which is more than enough to run the wires up a persons sleeve and clip the battery pack to your waist belt.

The spirals glow so bright we had to take a second picture in the dark with it turned down all the way to get a clear picture.

Please keep in mind this is a professional grade prop and must be treated as such.

Vial sports billet aluminum caps with dual notch runners, the clear outer is made of polex for superior scratch resistance.

Tube measures a total 6.2 inches long from tip to tip and is a inch and a quarter round.

Tube can not be opened.

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WARNING: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ZOMBIE OUTBREAKS IN ANY FORM OR FASHION, IF YOU OR YOUR CITY OF RESIDENCE BECOME INFECTED AS A RESULT OF THE MISUSE OF THIS VIAL WE DO NOT DO ZOMBIE CLEANUP! is in no way affilated with Resident Evil movies or games, Sony Entertainment or Capcom Games in any form or fashion nor do we make any claims.