Animated Halloween Floating Blacklight Ghost Prop Red Skeleton

Animated Halloween Floating Blacklight Ghost Prop Red Skeleton
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Product Description

This red Halloween animated blacklight ghost decoration has a special function, the mouth opens and closes repetitively over and over. Just plug him in and watch him as he appears to gasp for air. You can even purchase one of our motion sensors to activate his mouth when your patrons get near.

At 6 feet tall with an adjustable arm span of up to 4 feet wide our animated mouth Halloween skeleton ghost props are a perfect decoration for any theme setting.

We recommend a 24 inch long, 18 - 20 watt UV Black Light as the proper lighting. If you don't see the exact ghost you want we can always we make a ghost to customer specifications, please inquire by phone or email for a custom order.

All of our animated mouth Halloween Blacklight Ghost weigh about 3 pounds and are meant to hang from a solid hook extending from the top of the head. Keep in mind there are many variations or options available for any ghost, hooded, haired, various hats Etc... Remember, if you don't see the ghost you want call the shop number at 502-836-3125 and we can make your custom ghost. Black light not included must be purchased separately.

All UV Ghost are treated with an NFPA approved fire retardant before being shipped.We highly recommend that you purchase our motion sensor box to add to this ghost for the maximum startle effect. Our motion sensor plug box takes about 20 seconds to hook up and can be found in the electronic controls section.

The animated ghost you are purchasing is red this is just a sample video of our green one.