Amanda Reverse Bear Trap Jig Saw Movie Prop Replica

Amanda Reverse Bear Trap Jig Saw Movie Prop Replica
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Product Description

Let's play a game.

Here is a chance for you to own your favorite saw movie prop replica without having to play a game with your life.

The saw movie prop replica reverse bear trap while looking the part in seriously creepy detail of seeming absolutely terrifying does not function or go into your mouth in any way so there's no risk of harm.

The unit is comprised of some metal but mostly poly shock resistant plastic and then lightly coated with epoxy paint to ensure your jig saw movie prop replica will last for years to come.

The saw mask weighs in at nearly 4lbs.

Both jig saw and Amanda would both be proud to know that your following in they're foot steps by owning a piece of movie history.

You can display this saw mask or wear it to parties it's one of the most unique movie memorabilia items you will ever own.

The reverse bear trap prop replica is made over sized so it is defiantly a one size fits all.

Some consider this a costume mask others consider it a costume accessory but any way you want to look at it your going to be a walking photo opportunity so be prepared to have the crowds gathered around you as this piece is meant to be viewed from all angles.

Our Jig Saw movie prop replica reverse bear trap even comes with a real attached padlock on the back.

There may be slight differences in each one as these are hand made but the differences are tiny as we try to get each one nearly identical. Once ordered there are no returns or refunds because were are making this item for you when you order it. We have sold several of these without a single complaint.