18 inch Flourescent Blacklight Replacement Bulb F15T8 15W High Output Halloween DJ Party

Item# 18-inch-flourescent-blacklight-replacement-bulb-f15t8-15w-high
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Product Description

These are the extremely hard to find old dual prong ends Sylvania 18 inch 16 watt High Output Halloween DJ Party Blacklight Light Bulbs F15T8 that have the A4a8 stamp on them with the orange tips on the prongs.

They quit making these years ago and now the new blacklight bulbs of today are just not what they used to be, but not these babies, THEY FRIGGIN ROCK!

We have a limited supply of these so you better get em while you can, once theyre gone theyre gone forever!

These bulbs will fit any fixture that supports the dual prong bulbs, if you have any questions please call the shop at 502-836-3125 from 11am - 1am EST seven days a week.