12 Volt Co2 Ice Jet / Special FX Fog Blaster System For Theatrical and Night Club COMPLETE SELF CONTAINED KIT

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Product Description

By customer demand we are now offering complete, self contained, portable 12 volt Co2 Cryo Jet / Co2 Ice Jet system available to the general public.

Be sure to check out the demo video below of a unit installed on a customers project.

This particular kit makes about a 15 foot tall x 4 foot wide blast of fog on command that quickly dissipates and is ideal for theaters, night club, haunted attractions and magician visual effects.

Unlike our competitors kits our Co2 fog / ice jets are the complete kit and contain 25ft total of real cryogenic hose to blow our competition away - the solenoid - an optional empty 10lb, 20lb, 30lb or 50lb bottle with a brand new current legal hydrostatic testing and a push button switch.


Our competitors won't tell you that the cheap, inferior rubber hose they use can break off chunks of rubber and injure your patrons or worse and the jet and we use actual cryogenic N.A.S.A approved cryogenic silicone hose!

The kit comes mostly pre assembled and almost ready to rock, all you have to do is tighten the connections fill the bottle with co2 and should you have any problems we, we offer technical phone support if need be 24hrs a day.

This is our basic portable kit, we have a large variety of other custom cryogenic co2 ice jet kits with many different cold fog cryo options available please call the shop for details and options to suit all of your needs.

One of the most popular options for the Cryo fog ice jet is a self contained lighting system to color the fog blast.

One thing to keep in mind about our portable kit is that most other so called special fx companies will only sell you the jet itself for the price for what we are offering the entire setup.

Don't settle for amateur CO2 Ice Jets from big flashy web sites, go with what the pros use.

Please call the shop for more details and custom options 502-836-3125

Check out the below video for a demonstration of the portable kit mounted to a customers coffin project.

Our CO2 ice jet kits & co2 cold fog blasters are perfect for use in Nightclubs for DJ's, theaters, pro haunts, magicians and grand introductions or reveals. Please bear in mind that humidity can have an effect on the amount of fog blast released.